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Are you interested in a chainsaw file to repair your chainsaw’s chain? If you’re like many chainsaw owners, you know that the chainsaw sharpening file needs to be done at least twice per year. You may not know exactly how often this needs to be done or where to find the best chainsaw file for your particular chainsaw.

The following guide can help you identify the chainsaw file that best suits your chainsaw and sharpens your chainsaw blade evenly each time.

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How to sharpen a chainsaw with a file?

There are two different kinds of files for chainsaw use, the first is called a level file. This is typically the file you’ll find at any good chainsaw retailer. It’s rectangular and is approximately one inch wide and half an inch deep. The chainsaw file size will determine the number of teeth you’ll have for chainsaw sharpening, file your chainsaw chain.

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Typically, the larger the chainsaw file size, the stiffer the steel will be, which will allow for more teeth. Also, the bigger the file size, the more expensive the chainsaw file will be.

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How to sharpen a chain saw with a file guide?

A more affordable alternative to the level file is the round file. Round file guides are made from a solid piece of steel and are similar to the level file in their function (they sharpen your chainsaw blade). However, unlike the level file, the round file is adjustable, so you can adjust it to the type of cut you want. Typically, a round file is found in multi-purpose cutting tools such as electric chain saw sets and power tool kits. If you’re unsure which file guide to getting, it’s best to get an entire set instead of one or two.

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How to sharpen a chainsaw blade with a file?

Another important chainsaw sharpener tip is to ensure you buy the right tool for the job you’re attempting to sharpen your chainsaw with. There are a lot of chain compatibility issues with different chainsaw sharpening kits and products. One example is the size of the grinding wheels. Grinding wheels vary significantly in size, as do file sizes and types of grinding.

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How to use a chainsaw file guide?

Many of the chainsaw sharpening kits come with depth gauges. The depth gauges allow you to check how much tooth your chainsaw has sharpened. The depth gauges are usually visible through a hole in the bottom of the file. If you don’t see the depth gauges, make sure to check the screws that mount the depth gauges to the unit.

The chainsaw performs adequately if it’s sharpened properly, and this is especially important if you plan to use your chainsaw for extended periods of time. If you’ve purchased a new chain saw, and it seems like it’s not up to par with the job you’re attempting, you should definitely sharpen the chain saw file before using it for anything else. Ensuring that your chainsaw performs properly means more than just sharpening the blade. Proper cleaning and maintenance and sharpening are also important to ensure that your chainsaw performs at its best.

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