Hart Chain Saw Came with a 4ah Battery

Hart chainsawwhen you buy it, you’re excited. Maybe you’ve been waiting for a special deal and finally snagged a new Hart Battery Chainsaw at a discount. Or maybe you received a gift from a friend and can’t wait to use it. Either way, when you get your brand-new saw, you want to make sure you know how to get started and that it has all the accessories you need. The question is, how do you know if it comes with a 4ah or a 5ah battery? There’s no standardized definition for the amount of ah in a battery, so you’ll have to do a little research to find out. Here’s what you need to know.

What is the Battery Power in a Chain Saw?

Power in a chain saw Hart is measured in volts, not amps. The amp rating of the saw’s battery determines how long the battery will hold a charge. A 10-amp battery will last 10 times as long as a 1-amp battery. The voltage indicates the amount of current that travels through the battery at any one time. Voltage also affects how fast your saw will recharge, which affects how often you can use it per day. Generally, a saw with a 6V or 12V cordless saw has a higher power capacity than a model with a 4V battery.

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How to Tell the Difference Between 4ah and 5ah Batteries?

Past the negative and positive ends, a battery is made up of individual cells. In a 12V battery, the cells are 12 volts. When you look at the percentage at which the voltage of a battery drops as it discharges, you can tell the capacity of the battery. For example, a 4Ah battery has a 92% capacity and a 5Ah battery has a 97% capacity. If you’re looking to upgrade your saw, and you’re not sure if it came with a 4ah or a 5ah battery, you can check the battery label or the saw’s manual to see what the capacity is. If you buy a new 5ah battery, you can use it in your saw, but you’ll probably have to upgrade your saw’s battery charger to a 10-amp model to charge it.

Hart Chain Saw 4ah Battery

How to charge a 4ah or 5ah Battery for Use in a Chain Saw?

There’s no standardized way to charge a battery for use in a Hart Battery chain saw. The only thing that matters is the voltage of the charger. You can use a low-voltage charger, a high-voltage charger, or a level of charge that falls between the two. When you purchase a charger, look for the voltage it’s approved to be used with. For example, a 4Ah battery charger is designed to be used with a 4Ah battery. The most important thing is the rate of charge. A slow charge, a fast charge, or a trickle charge aren’t going to make a difference.

4ah Battery Disadvantages

Using a 4ah battery on a 10-amp chain saw can be dangerous and can wear the chain too quickly. This type of battery is designed to be used with a saw that has a 10-amp circuit, but smaller saws that have a circuit rated at 8 or 9 amps can also use it. You should never use a 4ah battery on a higher-amp chain saw without upgrading to a 10-amp circuit.

5ah Battery Benefits: Why You Should Upgrade?

The one advantage of buying a new saw with a 5ah battery is that it will last longer than a 4ah battery. That’s great if you have a job you do almost every day, but you should also consider the improvements that upgrading to a 5ah battery brings. The increased capacity allows you to charge the battery more often, so you can get more work done between charges. It also allows you to use a higher-amp circuit, which allows you to charge more tools of your single battery. If you use a saw a lot or have multiple tools you charge of your battery, a 5ah battery is a great upgrade.

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Bottom line

If you’ve got a new chain saw Hart and you want to make sure it’s ready to go, make sure the circuit is rated at 10 amps or more and that the battery is a 5ah battery. You never want to use a 4ah battery on a 10-amp circuit, and you don’t want to over saturate your 5ah battery either. Use it correctly and your new chain saw will last a long time and make your job easier.

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