What is the price on a Stihl 0.15 L chainsaw

A Stihl 015 L chainsaw is a small top handle chain saw with a 13″ bar and a 1.6 horsepower motor. It was manufactured from 1973 to 1983 and has a 13-inch bar. These saws typically cost between $50 and $150 and were designed for one-man operation. These models also have automatic chain oiling systems but are not automatic.

The price of a Stihl chainsaw can range from $50 to $250. Both models use a cellulose fiber or felt pad air filter. Both saws are equipped with an automatic rewind mechanism. Among the differences between the two is the fuel/oil ratio. Listed below is a comparison of the two saws.

Stihl 0.15 L

The Price of a Stihl 0.15L Chainsaw can Vary Widely

The price of a Stihl 0.15 L is comparable to a similar Stihl chainsaw. The difference in price is the type of saw you’re looking for. A Chainsaw Stihl 015 is ideal for light forestry work, but an 015 is perfect for heavy work. You can use it for heavy pruning and trimming around power lines.

Stihl 015 L chainsaw Specs & Parts

The Stihl 015 L chainsaw is a discontinued model that was known for its reliability and versatility. Some of the key specifications and parts for the Stihl 015 L chainsaw include:


  • Engine displacement: 32.6 cc
  • Power output: 2.2 kW
  • Bar length: 16″ to 18″
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs (without cutting equipment)
  • Fuel capacity: 9.5 fl. oz
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  • Engine: The heart of the chainsaw, the engine powers the cutting equipment and drives the chain.
  • Bar and chain: The bar and chain provide the cutting mechanism for the chainsaw.
  • Fuel tank: Holds the gasoline and oil used to fuel the engine.
  • Air filter: Helps to keep dust and other contaminants from entering the engine.
  • Muffler: Reduces noise and muffles the sound of the engine.
  • Ignition system: The ignition system provides the spark that starts the engine.
  • Chain brake: A safety feature that stops the chain if it kicks back.

It is important to note that the Stihl015 L chainsaw is a discontinued model and finding parts or replacements may be difficult. In case you need replacement parts, I suggest reaching out to Stihl directly or checking online retailers that specialize in selling chainsaw parts and accessories.

What is the price of a Stihl 0.15 L chainsaw?

Both Stihl saws use a cellulose fiber air filter and a felt pad air filter. The fuel/oil ratio is slightly different, and the two versions of a saw are similar in terms of fuel/oil. So, which one should you buy? This article will help you make the right decision.

What is the price on a Stihl 0.15 L chainsaw

Stihl 015 L chainsaw Pros & Cons

Pros of the Stihl 015 L chainsaw:

  • Reliable: Stihl is a well-known brand in the power tool industry and is known for producing reliable and durable products.
  • Versatile: The 015 L chainsaw is suitable for a range of tasks, including pruning, felling, and bucking.
  • Lightweight: At 8.8 lbs, the 015 L chainsaw is relatively lightweight, making it easy to handle and maneuver.
  • Efficient: With a powerful engine and optimized design, the 015 L chainsaw provides fast and efficient cutting performance.
  • Durable: Designed with high-quality components and materials, the 015 L chainsaw is built to withstand the rigors of regular use.
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Cons of the Stihl 015 L chainsaw:

  • Discontinued model: As the 015 L chainsaw is a discontinued model, finding replacement parts or service may be difficult.
  • Maintenance: Like any mechanical tool, the 015 L chainsaw requires regular maintenance to ensure reliable performance.
  • Fuel consumption: The 015 L chainsaw has a relatively small fuel tank, so it may need to be refueled more frequently than some other models.

In conclusion, the Stihl 015 L chainsaw was a reliable and versatile chainsaw that was well-suited for a range of tasks. However, it is a discontinued model, so finding replacement parts and service may be difficult. Additionally, the 015 L chainsaw requires regular maintenance and has a small fuel tank, so it may not be the best choice for all users.

Stihl 0.15L Chain saw is Different From a Stihl 015

The price of a Stihl 015L chain saw is different from a Stihl 015. The price of a Stihl 015L will depend on its features, and a Stihl 015L has a larger engine than the 015L. The 015L is more powerful and requires less fuel, but it also comes with a rewind mechanism. The auto-rewind system on a Stihl chainsaw makes it easier to rewind the saw.

chainsaw Stihl 0.15 L

Both models have a similar price, but they differ slightly in the features and options available. Both saws can handle a wide variety of tasks, and both models have the same weight and power. But, what is the difference between a Stihl 015L?

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