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Dewalt Chainsaw Chain: If you own a Dewalt chainsaw or are considering purchasing one, it’s essential to understand the importance of the chainsaw chain and its replacement. The chainsaw chain is a crucial component that directly impacts the performance and efficiency of your chainsaw. In this article, we will explore various aspects of Dewalt chainsaw chains, including replacement, sizes, and file sizes, to help you make informed decisions about your chainsaw maintenance.

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Importance of Chainsaw Chain Replacement

Regular chainsaw chain replacementis vital to ensure optimal cutting performance and safety. Over time, chainsaw chains can become dull, damaged, or worn out due to extended use. A dull chain will result in inefficient cutting, requiring more effort and potentially causing accidents. By replacing the chainsaw chain when necessary, you can maintain the chainsaw’s effectiveness and extend its overall lifespan.

dewalt chainsaw chain

Choosing the Right Dewalt Chainsaw Chain Size

When it comes to selecting the appropriate chainsaw chain for your Dewalt chainsaw, understanding the chain size is crucial. The chain size determines the pitch and gauge of the chain, which must match the specifications of your chainsaw’s guide bar. Dewalt chainsaws typically come with guide bars ranging from 12 to 16 inches in length. Let’s explore the compatible chain sizes for these guide bar lengths:

20 in.dewalt Chainsaw Replacement Chain

12-Inch Dewalt Chainsaw Chain

For a 12-inch guide bar on your Dewalt chainsaw, you will need a chainsaw chain with a compatible size. The most common chain size for a 12-inch guide bar is 3/8″ low profile pitch with a gauge of 0.050″ or 0.043″. It’s essential to check your chainsaw’s user manual or consult the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the correct chain size for your specific model.

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16-Inch Dewalt Chainsaw Chain

If your Dewalt chainsaw is equipped with a 16-inch guide bar, the appropriate chain size may vary. Common chain sizes for a 16-inch guide bar include 3/8″ pitch with a gauge of either 0.050″ or 0.058″. Again, it is crucial to refer to the user manual or consult the manufacturer’s specifications to determine the correct chain size for your particular model.

Determining the Chain File Size

In addition to understanding the chain size, knowing the chain file size is equally important. The chain file size is an essential consideration when sharpening the chainsaw chain. Using the correct file size ensures proper sharpening and maintains the chain’s cutting efficiency. Generally, Dewalt chainsaw chains have a recommended file size of 5/32″ or 7/32″. However, it’s advisable to refer to the chainsaw’s user manual for precise file size recommendations.


In summary, the chainsaw chain is a critical component of your Dewalt chainsaw that requires regular replacement and maintenance. Choosing the right chain size based on the guide bar length is essential for optimal performance. For a 12-inch guide bar, a 3/8″ low profile pitch chain with a gauge of 0.050″ or 0.043″ is commonly used. For a 16-inch guide bar, a 3/8″ pitch chain with a gauge of 0.050″ or 0.058″ is often recommended. Additionally, paying attention to the chain file size when sharpening will ensure efficient cutting. Always refer to the user manual or manufacturer’s specifications for precise chain size and file size recommendations.

Table: Dewalt Chainsaw Chain Sizes

Guide Bar LengthCommon Chain SizeGauge
12 inches3/8″ low profile pitch0.050″
16 inches3/8″ pitch0.050″

By understanding the importance of chainsaw chain replacement, choosing the correct chain size, and using the appropriate file size for sharpening, you can ensure your Dewalt chainsaw operates at its best. Regular maintenance and adherence to manufacturer guidelines will not only enhance cutting performance but also promote safety during operation.

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