Makita Compact Chainsaw

The Makita Mini Chainsaw is a compact and portable chainsaw designed for pruning and trimming tasks. Powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery, it offers cordless convenience and improved maneuverability. Equipped with a 4-inch bar and chain, it’s ideal for cutting small branches and shrubs. Additionally, it features an automatic oiling system, toolless chain tensioning, and a compact design for easy storage.

Are you a man or a mouse? If you have wood to cut, the answer is obvious. If you have lots of wood to cut, the answer may be less clear. Because if your job involves cutting lots of wood over and over again, every day for several years, there’s something to be said for tools that let you do it as efficiently and safely as possible. This is where the Makita Compact Chainsaw comes in. It’s perfect for all those small worksites where a large chainsaw would get in the way. Ideal for arborists and other professionals needing to tend to small trees regularly, this mini chainsaw is also great fun in the home workshop as well as a handy tool to keep in the shed.

What Is A Makita Mini Chainsaw?

A compact chainsaw is a chainsaw designed to be lighter and more compact than a full-size model. Several manufacturers produce compact chainsaws, including Makita, Husqvarna, and Black & Decker.

A Makita Mini Chainsaw is a small chainsaw designed for light use in the home or for professional use where a large chainsaw might be impractical. But what does ‘light use’ mean? Well, with a mini chainsaw, you’re probably looking at about 10 to 15 minutes of continuous cutting time before you need to stop and let it cool down. This is perfectly normal, as a mini chainsaw just doesn’t have the power of a full-size model.

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Key Features Of The Makita Compact Chainsaw

Weight: At just five pounds, the Makita Mini Chainsaw is light enough to be held in one hand for shorter tasks. The lightweight and compact design make it easy to use.
Run Time: The Makita Compact Chainsaw can run for up to 15 minutes on a full charge. When the battery is low, the tool will automatically shut off to prevent overheating.
Automatic Oiler: The Makita Mini Chainsaw is designed with an automatic oiler. This means you don’t have to manually add oil when you change the chain. This helps to prevent operator error and ensures your chainsaw is properly maintained.
Rubberized Grip: The Makita Mini Chainsaw features a rubberized handle that ensures a comfortable, no-slip grip.
Quick-release Hook: A quick-release hook lets you attach and remove the saw quickly and easily.

Makita Compact Chainsaw 21v - 1200w

Pros And Cons

As with any product, there are some pros and cons of the Makita Compact Chainsaw that are worth considering before you buy. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits and drawbacks of this mini chainsaw.

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Weight: The most obvious benefit of the Makita Compact Chainsaw is its lightweight design, making it easy to handle for short periods.
Run Time: While it can’t run for extended periods on a single charge, you can use an extension cord to keep it powered for longer tasks.
Automatic Oiler: The automatic oiler ensures proper lubrication without manual intervention, reducing maintenance errors.
Rubberized Grip: The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, even during prolonged use.

Mini Chainsaw Makita

How To Maintain Your Makita?

If you’re using your Makita Compact Chainsaw frequently, it’s important to keep it well-maintained to extend its lifespan and usability. Here are a few maintenance tips:

Keep it clean: After each use, clean the chainsaw to prevent dirt and dust from clogging its moving parts.
Change the oil: Regularly change the oil to keep the chainsaw running smoothly.
Sharpen the chain: Maintain a sharp chain to reduce kickback and improve cutting efficiency.
Keep the tool unplugged: When not in use, keep the chainsaw unplugged for safety.


A compact chainsaw like the Makita Mini Chainsaw is versatile for various tasks at home or professionally. Whether for basic pruning, cutting logs, or small DIY projects, it offers convenience and ease of use. The Makita Compact Chainsaw, with its lightweight design, automatic oiler, and comfortable grip, is an excellent choice for homeowners and professionals alike, providing efficiency and safety for light cutting tasks.

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